Friday, October 23, 2009

Ups and Downs

I find daily life in the States can be difficult (without getting into politics!)... esp when a calling is filling your heart and mind. I love my family, am quite fond of my pets, my home, Target, and sushi. And yet part of me is constantly crying out - GO! GO! I can see my Ugandan friends, the residents of Nomowongo, everyone at Father's House, so clearly in my mind. I intellectually know the difficulties of life there - power being iffy, internet spotty and slow, no water in many places, food not what I'm used to, traffic to boggle the mind. Beggars. Orphans. HIV and AIDS. TB. Malaria. Bilharzia. Garbage. I KNOW, I KNOW!

And yet I can't stop longing to be there... I can't quite feel settled here. My taste buds have changed (not that I'm longing for Ugandan food!). My... expectations have changed. My "wants" have changed. In short... my life has changed. God has done a total redirect. It is amazing.

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  1. I really should get you and my friend, Eileen, together. She feels the same way about Ethiopia and the Kolfe Orphanage! God is doing a major work.....