Monday, August 23, 2010

Three weeks in Uganda...

We returned from our trip last Wed, and I haven't yet spent 2 consecutive nights in my own bed, much less been able to update the blog or website. However, some new and exciting things are on the horizon, and here's a quick preview until I can go into more depth:

** The biggest news is that Ten Eighteen has committed to build a primary school in Bukaleba for Arise Africa International. The school will be a boarding school for P1-P7, housing 560 orphans, and providing food, clothing, medical care and education for them. We need to raise $200,000... but we only need $5,000 to start. So if you're interested let me know - and more will come later!

** We have increased our support of Hospice Jinja, including buying 50 paper bead necklaces that the patients have made, and funding a twice-a-month community "day care" for the patients. The day care provides tea and a meal, a teaching on a topic of interest, and teaches them a skill (like the beads) that they can use to make some income and help their families.

** We added 9 children to our school sponsorships, including 1 who was accepted to Makerere University and given a scholarship for tuition, but didn't have money for all the other things he needed in order to attend. We are now sponsoring 16 kids' school fees... And would love for you to get to know them and perhaps even take on that hope-giving help.

** We are working with Arise Africa to find sponsors for the orphans currently unsponsored at their existing orphanage (they currently have 4 in need of sponsors), which is $30 a month; and also to sponsor orphans that they do not yet have room for at their orphanage, which would be $15-20/month. The latter will be handled by local churches that Godfrey knows personally, so you will be sure that the children are benefitting from the money.

Fall is almost upon us, and I'd love to do parties at your homes, speak at your church or small group, or do any craft fairs in the area! I brought back over 500 necklaces, and have all kinds of other crafts that would make great Christmas gifts. Remember that 100% of these donations go to the ladies of Nawezakana, and now to the hospice!

Thanks for your prayers - more soon!