Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where is the time going??

I apologize for my sporadic updates! I was able to have a 40 min phone conversation with Suzanne last week - and have just discovered a new AT&T wireless plan that will save me $1/minute, which I will get on right away! - and we've had some long email conversations. Life is moving swiftly these days!

Newezekana had their Christmas party today. Suzanne said everyone had a wonderful time, all "our" ladies (Agnus, Caroline, Miriam, Emily and Joanne), and she was able to give them all a bonus of 20,000 shillings each, for which they were immensely grateful. We are working on Ten Eighteen's 2010 support commitments, and I should have the here in the next week or so.

Nesco was taken on an outing yesterday to an amusement park called Didi's World... when they got there, the park, which is NEVER closed, even on holidays, had been leased by some British group for exams (how strange is that!) for 2 days. The children were SOOOO disappointed! They went back to Nesco and had food and a big party, and once the kids found out they were getting another chance at Didi's World next week AND the big party, they were happier!

I'm working on the music for the benefit concert, and welcome anyone who might have something to contribute for the silent auction to let me know! I'm excited about it, and hope to have the "bones" of the event done before 1/1/10.

I think that's it for now! Blessings all - and remember why we are celebrating!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Save the Date!!

We have a date for the benefit concert and silent auction - Friday, February 19, 2010. Mark it on your calendars!! It'll be at Journey Church in Raleigh, probably 7-9 or 10pm. More details will follow - and if you can help with food, or donate something for the silent auction, please let me know! I'm excited!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving... and some sponsorship shifts

We ended Holly Days at Sanderson HS with almost exactly $900 in donations! It was awesome to be able to share all about Uganda with a couple of hundred people, and I had a great time (although my feet hurt!). I may be doing a 1st year show at Pullen House on Durant Road on December 19th - I'll let you know details if it comes about.

We have made a couple of changes in our sponsorship commitments, which I will also update on the website. Miriam is still participating in Newezekana, but not teaching the ladies any longer as there were some conflicts there. (Agnus has taken over that role.) Miriam is sharing a room with 3 others, and has started her tailoring back, so our commitment there, which was always short term, has ended.

Two of Caroline's sons have been living with her, and have gotten themselves and her into some legal trouble. We are very sad about it, as we were so hopeful that her situation would improve... And while we are thankful that she has 2 of her sons back, obviously having them be thieves wasn't what we were hoping for! So we have suspended our support for her - thankfully she is recovered from her surgery - unless and until the situation can be resolved. We pray that she will either be able to kick them out of her home and live for the Lord, or that they will truly take care of her in an honorable way, but are thankful that the Holy Spirit has shined the light on the situation.

Our total sponsorships for Oct, Nov and December were $225/month, or approximately 450,000 shillings. While we are discussing a couple of other needs, it looks like the sponsorship commitment for January 2010 will be about $150.

A box of jewelry was sent to me today, which will (with much prayer, I'm sure) arrive on or before the 17th. It's an early Christmas present - it's so fun going through all the new stuff! I do have jewelry, jewelry bags and cards left after Holly Days, so if you'd like to make a donation and receive some handmade items, please let me know!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holly Days and Christmas!

I'm sorry I haven't been updating the blog of late - as we all know, life happens, and often! But I do thank you for your prayers and support!

I am at Holly Days at Sanderson HS all weekend. Yesterday we received $726 in donations!! It was very exciting - since the average donation was $12-15, and about 50% of the folks that strolled by and talked made a donation, that means that I was able to share Uganda and Father's precious children there with over 100 people. It was amazing... especially on a cold rainy day. Today has dawned bright, clear and cold, so I'm hoping for another great day.

I can't remember if I've posted about our next trip - Zeke and I will be leaving March 1, 2010, and returning March 15. The itinerary is going to be physically challenging, but since we discovered we can't sleep on the planes anyway, we might as well just GET THERE and then crash. We will be taking an extra suitcase each full of the clothing you have all donated, and bringing back jewelry and other handcrafts.

Page Colson, who is a missionary from TN that is living at Fathers House for 2 years, took back a large extra suitcase full of kids clothes for Ray of Hope and Nesco last week, after her 5 week visit home. I think we'll be able to send a suitcase full in January, as well. So if you still have clothing, we're happy to take it! Remember: No short skirts or short for girls; no military themed clothing; no skulls! And if you can clean everything before packing, that's awesome.

Hmmm... what else?! When we are there in March Suzanne and I will be visiting Hospice Jinja, while Zeke goes to a school in Jinja with some of the older kids. I get some updates from Daniel Situka from time to time about patients at the hospice... it is just heart breaking. Pray that we can truly share Father's love, and the saving grace of Jesus, while we are there!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all, and may your Christmas season be full of Him for Whom you are celebrating!