Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prayer for Magda

One of the Polish girls who was staying at Father's House when we were there is named Magda, She is 22. She left after our first week and travelled to Kaihura, a small village in the west of the country, to spend a year working at an orphanage there, before returning to university in Cambridge, England. The orphanage has no power, no water, and all the kids are housed in the same building (babies through teens). Below are some things to consider supporting in Kaihura, but first, a tragedy...

The other day Magda saw a 6 year old boy struck by a car and killed. The boy is the son of a local pastor, and the drivers were Dutch. Magda carried the boy to a local clinic, but he died 20 minutes after the accident. She bandaged his wounds before his parents arrived, and held him in her arms for hours as the family grieved, police were found, and funeral arrangements made. It was obviously extremely difficult for her and for the family. The Dutch people seem to feel no guilt, and, when they all go to Kampala with lawyers, it will not be a question of prison, just money. How much is a 6 year old boy's life worth?

That recent event aside, Magda is doing well. She has drawn up plans to build a separate house for the babies. The cost right now is USD $22,000, largely due to a spike in the cost of building materials locally in recent months. She is working to revise the plans to bring the cost down, and to get volunteers to come help build the building, both from Poland and the UK where she lives. Please keep this project in your prayers, as it would be instrumental in the care of the precious orphaned babies. I am working on getting her in contact with Jennie Woods from Alliance for Children Everywhere, who can give her some guidelines learned from hard experience in Zambia with the House of Moses.

Additionally, Magda has befriended a 19 year old young lady who is working - basically in servitude - for a local family. She works 7 days a week, is fed the scraps left after the family eats, cooks, cleans, and is paid virtually nothing. Magda has taken her to eat and has bought her clothing and other needed items, but is trying to find another situation for her where she will be valued and can earn some money. She is looking into visa requirements for her to come to the US, or go to the UK, to work for a family. I am investigating the US angle, as I have no idea what a work visa would require. Please keep this young lady in prayer as God makes a way...

Magda is looking to move into a nearby village where she would have power and internet. Right now she is online less than once a week, so it can be difficult to communicate needs in real time. She will need more support if she is to be able to pay rent somewhere - she lives at the orphanage right now free of charge in exchange for her labors - so also keep this need in your prayers.

As always, bless you and thank you!

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