Thursday, October 15, 2009

From "Get Uncomfortable" by Todd Phillips

The church seems to respond this way [lack of faith in what God can do with a little] many times when problems are larger than our capacity to fix them. We say, "My $20 donation can't possibly make a difference!" or "What impact am I really having if I spend five hours a week serving special needs kids?" And we're right. Our possessions, time, and energy given in our strength cannot make a dent in the mountainous problems that plague our world. But any offering, no matter how small in the material world, can be multiplied exponentially in the hands of Jesus. (pg 101)

Read Mark 12:41-44, and Mathew 14: 15-21

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something!"

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  1. this world need to wake up! Stop thinking about themselves and do something in different direction...There are plenty of needs...and one person can't do everything but all together we can do something! I agree with it!!!(...)No matter how much you give but matter how you give? Is your heart really open? Let's bless someone with whatever you have got...for you might there is nothing but for many there more then enough...Thanks