Monday, October 19, 2009

Up and coming...

I didn't do the Fall Fair at Our Lady of Lourdes yesterday, because I was concerned I wouldn't have enough jewelry to sell at the MOPS Marketplace on the 27th, which I'd already committed to. Good problem to have! (Since the weather was pretty yucky, and my daughter was still recovering from wisdom teeth removal surgery, it worked out ok.) Page is heading back to the States on the 27th, so I should receive more jewelry, bags, etc., around the 1st of November. I'll post more pictures!

This week I will be sending money to Suzanne at Father's House for Ray of Hope and Newezekana. We will have a total of about $750 in donations for jewelry, and then the monthly sponsorship money as well. The exchange rate isn't great right now - sh1916 to the dollar as of Friday (it was 1962 when we were there last month). But still, that's sh1,437,000 got our ladies, which is a LOT in Uganda!

Clothing drive update: We have received a good amount of clothing. Page will be taking a suitcase full back when she returns after her visit in Tennessee next month. I think Katie will be able to take a suitcase back in Dec; Eric in January, and then Zeke and I can take 1 each in March. After the shipping costs and "disinfecting" charges totalled up, we decided it was better to pay for extra bags as people went over, than spend so much on the shipping and sterilizing. So we are still paying to ship - probably $75 per suitcase full... If you are planning to donate clothing, please still include the $5-10 with your items to help cover that cost.

Caroline surgery: Caroline is scheduled to have her hernia removed tomorrow, the 20th. She has been struggling with a cough lately, so please pray she is well enough for the surgery to happen. She has already waited so long!

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