Monday, April 26, 2010

Of volcanoes and gas prices...

We are trying to finalize the July/August trip, and the volcano-stranded backlog, along with the expected fare increases taking effect in May, are causing havoc in the airline reservation mechanism!! It looks, right now, like we will be going July 28-Aug 17/18... Please pray for resolution to this this week, as there are plans to be made here and in Uganda that depend on it!

If you would like to have a party to learn about Uganda, Nawezakana, and see their crafts and jewelry, please let me know! We had one last weekend, and received over $350 in donations, which was very exciting. I have some great spring necklaces that will make you feel like you should go to the beach!

This picture is of my wonderful friend Jenneth, who has made me a bracelet each time I visit. I haven't taken them off since she tied them on... she is such a sweet girl, quiet, but with such love. Can't wait to see her again!