Thursday, October 29, 2009

Uneventful day!

Today wasn't too eventful... I made a deposit, which is exciting, and emailed some about the box we're getting of more jewelry. I so long to be in Uganda, and chatted some (via Facebook) with my lovely friend Kamila about when we were both going back in 2010. Neither of us feel it is soon enough!

I do not have an update on Caroline. Suzanne was to go to Ray of Hope today, and hoped to find out something, but I haven't heard as of yet. With Uganda, you never know if that's a power issue! But she may not have found out anything, so stay tuned...

The Journey Church team got back last night from their trip to Jinja, and Page and Katie arrived last night from Father's House. Glad everyone made it safe, and I wish them all a quick recovery from jet lag!

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