Friday, October 9, 2009

"Disinfecting" clothing... to send to Uganda?!

I learned that I have to have a certification that used clothing has been "disinfected" when I ship it. Which is really funny, when you think about it. Do you see this cow wandering the city streets? This is the country that needs clothing from the US to be disinfected! Haaha... sorry, that's pretty funny!

ANYWAY. Seriously. Does anyone know of a company in the Raleigh area that does this? I'm thinking some sort of commercial laundering company that does medical laundry, or something. I've looked up what I can think of and am coming up blank, but the problem with googling is that you have to have the right words to start with! It's probably easiest to do it all at once, so I have til the end of October to come up with a solution.... Thanks for your brainstorms!

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