Friday, October 30, 2009

Finally, an update on Caroline!

Caroline came through her surgery fine, and is at home. Suzanne found out that she was trying to make beads to pay for food, and so was able to sow into that situation and relieve Caroline's anxiety and heart about that. I am so glad to know - she has been on my heart all week as I have waited for news!

The new jewelry will be on it's way from Tennessee today! Yay! It's like Christmas when you open a box and find out what's in it. The beads are always different, and I know Suzanne said there are some great new fabrics for the jewelry bags, and I think they are sending some baskets, too. I will post photos here and on FB if anyone would like to make a donation and receive some. (It's a great way to do your Christmas shopping!!)

I have begun putting my presentation together for Faith Zone Worship Center on Nov 4. I have a 4 minute Powerpoint... and 25 more minutes to fill! LOL I realize that I can taaalllkkk for that long, but I want to do a good job for the women and children there, giving some history as to why they are where they are, and what Ten Eighteen feels called to do to help. Please pray as I listen to Father to plan the presentation!

Thank you all for your emails and prayers!

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