Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good day!

I met this morning with my pastor and the missions pastor at Journey Church. Great meeting! The team from church is leaving Saturday to go to Uganda to work with Arise Africa, so that's exciting. I look forward to all God will do. I also met with the pastor of Faith Zone Worship Center in Garner this evening. I had a lovely dinner, and good introductory chat. Hopefully I'll be able to present Uganda to the congregation in a few weeks.

Interesting side note - Pastor Holland asked me what I expected. What was interesting about that is that, honestly, I don't expect anything! I really am letting God lead this whole endeavor, and am simply going where He points. If He accomplishes what He's after in that, that's wonderful - and to His credit. And that's a pretty interesting thing to ponder, because really, we have very few situations in life where we have no expectations! I'm really enjoying having to live this by faith... and was glad of the question, so that I could really examine it. Awesome!

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