Friday, October 23, 2009

Pili Pili African Style

Ok, so African (Ugandan) food. Not fabulous. We won't even mention the beef hanging up on the road... BUT. Suzanne and I went to a restaurant and on the menu it said "Shrimp Pili Pili" and in the description it said "African Style". So I thought, OK, shrimp, good, wonder what it is? The waiter came over, and I asked, "What is shrimp pili pili?" He said, "African style." I said, "OK, what is African style?" He said, "Pili pili." 'Nuff said, apparently.

I got it, and it was good! (For those who just must know, pili pili is a hot pepper sauce. The traditional pepper it is made with is 175,000 scoville points, although mine in Kampala wasn't nearly that hot!) I have made it once at home, even!

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