Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update on Mirka

She has been moved to a different hospital, isolated in a room, and is taking pain and other medicine 4x a day. They don't know what it is - they are saying NOT malaria, but she and her roommate Kamila both think it is. A specialist will be in again on Friday to see her, but in the meantime any visitors have to wear mask, gloves and an apron! They are having a fundraising concert Friday night for Ray of Hope, which she will obviously not be able to attend, either. So prayer for healing, encouragement, and wisdom for the doctors!

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  1. thank you all for your prayers! I am already back home having few more days for rest before I will back completely to my busy life here in Scotland. I am doing much better though still waiting for some resolts from Hospital,but believing I am in God's hands and nothing can be wrong.Sending warm blessing to all of you who kept prayer for me.God bless!