Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh, to be in Uganda!

I am definitely missing my "home away from home" today... I did leave a big part of my heart there!

Today was Caroline's surgery. I am hoping to talk to Suzanne in a little while. I have tried calling her with my MagicJack, and...well, not so magical. Still working on that. But I will call from my iPhone and bite the bullet on the cost per minute, and hopefully have an update later on today.

Mirka, as you might have seen from her comments, is home and feeling much better. She returns for a check-up on Friday. They still have no idea what she had/has, although the folks in uganda are sure it was malaria.

Speaking of malaria, Vicka has been sick with bilharzia... which is the DREAD DISEASE I was so paranoid about at Lake Victoria. It is also a parasite, pretty gross if you read about it, and comes from contaminated water. Like Lake Victoria. Symptoms are about the same as malaria, and it is the 2nd most prevalent parasitic disease in the world, although not usually fatal. It can be chronic, however - I assume without proper treatment. So prayers for them both!

The jewelry from Newezekana continues to be in demand. I was asked to do an event on Nov 7, and possibly another on Dec 7. I think I will need another shipment after Page brings hers... although Katie may be coming over with the precious babies,Malaika and Mark, in November. I will be sending almost $1000 to Newezekana this week, just from the last 10 days or so, which is SUCH a blessing!

And finally, the Ray of Hope Scottish concert fundraiser by Mirka and Kamila raised enough money to send 13 children to school for a year! Mirka wasn't able to attend, unfortunately, but I am so proud of the girls!

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