Monday, October 5, 2009

FALL CLOTHING DRIVE for Nesco and Ray of Hope

Hey all-

Thanks again for your support! We are kicking off our first clothing drive for the street kids of Ray of Hope and Nesco in Kampala. Many of these children have a school uniform and that's all... After prayer and research into the cost of shipping, I feel like we are to go ahead, trusting the Lord to provide all that we - and they - need.

So guidelines:

* The temperature in Kampala is the same all year: mid to low 80s in the day, mid-60s at night. So we don't need winter clothes!

* The girls wear dresses and skirts, NEVER shorts, and rarely rarely pants.

* Please no war themed items (camo, guns, tanks, soldiers, etc), and no skeletons.

* Soccer is BIG, so anything soccer is esp popular with the boys.

The shipping cost from Charlotte to Kampala is $555/cu meter. Wow. So if you could donate $5-10 with your items, it would be greatly appreciated! However, it's still much cheaper than trying to buy clothing there.

I dont' have any drop off locations yet, but you can come to my house, ship to me, or I can meet you or come to you to pick up. Message me and we'll work it out!

Thanks for your prayers for this project!


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