Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things are percolating!

Today I talked with the Foundation of Hospices of Sub-Saharan Africa, and got some good information in that arena, including some avenues to try to get Hospice Jinja morphine. They have been out of morphine in all of East Africa for several months, and the patients are only able to receive codeine for pain management. So we're working on that with several contacts, and finding out in the meantime how morphine can be shipped there as a controlled substance. Hopefully we will be corresponding with the Palliative Care Association of Uganda in Kampala, also.

I have also had a lot of conversation with a guy who is an engineer, who was introduced to Ten Eighteen and the primary school at the Our Lady of Lourdes Fall Festival this month. He is very interested in helping us out, and that has been a real God send - he is very knowledgeable about sustainability and alternative uses for things, so having someone come alongside and want to give so freely of his time and talent is awesome. If nothing else, it has certainly helped me to clarify in my non-engineering mind the scope of the project, and give me encouragement.

Next month, on the 13th is the Mistletoe Market at Wakefield High School. We'd love to have you come out and see all that's going on in Uganda!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Great fundraising events the last week!

What an awesome week it's been fundraising for Ten Eighteen and Uganda! We spent the weekend of Columbus Day in Florida, and had an awesome party with about 30 people. It was really fun, and over the course of the weekend we raised over $1600 in donations, with $725 of that for the school.

This weekend we set up a table at the Fall Festival of Our Lady of Lourdes, and got to share all about the school, the Nawezakana ladies, Ray of Hope, the school, and Hospice. Since the kindergarden class at OLL has used Nawezakana as their service project the last 2 falls, we had lots of families really excited to see how their donations had been used by the ladies to produce beautiful handcrafts. We received about $440 in donations from this event, with several people very interested in having me speak at other venues. So that was GREAT!!!

Thanks for all for your help, thoughts and prayers!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


We have planned the 2011 Uganda team trip!

Here's the information:

DATE:  August 5-15, 2011

COST:  $2,000.00 
NOTE:  This is based on a $1600 round trip plane fare, so the cost could change somewhat - even go down!

* 9 nights at Fathers House, including food
* All transportation
* 4 days conducting Sports Camp for street kids in the slums of Kampala, including lunches
* 1 night SAFARI to Lake Mburo, 2 game drives, all food and transportation included (impala, zebra, many types of antelope and birds, monkeys, water buffalo, warthogs and much more!)
* Souvenier shopping at local market

(Does NOT include visa, travel shots, or malaria medication)

For more information, comment here or at www.10Eighteen.org.