Thursday, October 8, 2009


Please be in prayer for our friends living in the slums of Nomawongo - all of our kids and ladies with Ray of Hope. The rainy season has come in full force, and made the slums a mess (which is saying something, believe me!). There has been a cholera outbreak, and city officials will likely be shutting down the Ray of Hope school temporarily because of the unsanitary conditions caused by the water/flooding. Please pray for all of them - they not only go to school in these conditions, this is where they LIVE, where they try to eek out a living, buy food...

Fathers House and Ray of Hope have been looking at buying a building, within walking distance of where the school is now, and where Ray of Hope is now located, which would house the school, some offices, and room for skills training. This building is 3 stories, and on the "higher" side of the railroad tracks that begins the slums. The board of Fathers House has approved the purchase, and they have about half of the money - the cost of the building is $250,000 USD. Please pray for the rest of the funding, and please consider donating to Ten Eighteen (or asking someone you know who might be interested) and designate it for this project. When the school is closed, the children have nowhere to go, and will likely miss one meal a day that is provided by the school. It is a really crucial step forward.

Thanks as always, for your thoughts, prayers and support.

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