Friday, October 9, 2009

The rain continues...

Please continue your prayer for those in Nomawongo. The rainy season has really just begun, and they are already in a bad way. I am working on some sources for funding to help with the new building, but mostly praying!

I found out yesterday that UPS wants $1000 to ship an 18"x17" box to Kampala. I will be taking it to the USPS today, and it will still cost several hundred, I think. No good deed is left unpunished, I guess! Oh well. It's God's money!

More clothes continue to arrive - thank you all for your help and thoughtfulness!

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  1. We found if you give $500 dollars to someone you trust there, they can stretch it further and buy more clothes than you can ship. Make sure it is a trustworthy person. We have had one person misuse the money, so now we ask for accountability.

    Actually, one project that we did was to help them buy pedal sewing machines for some widows and then they had an instructor come and teach sewing. The widows are making clothes for orphans as well as sewing for an income. That was a good investment. The pastor's wife told me that that was better than receiving clothes, because they could make the clothes to fit the ones in need as well as giving the ladies an occupation.

    I presented the idea at a mission's breakfast one time and got enough donations for 5 machines.