Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back and over the jet lag... well, kind of!

In a lot of ways it's wonderful to be home - most importantly because my husband and daughter are here! But there's so much that I miss in Uganda, and my heart and mind wander there a hundred times a day. So in the 4 months til the next visit, here is what we are working on:

* HOME PARTIES - if you'd like to have a party at your home (in the Raleigh area!), please let me know. I will show a short presentation, tell about Ten Eighteen and what we're doing there, and have all the handcrafts available.

* HOSPICES - I am going to be contacting hospices in the area to try to form some partnerships, or at least receive one-time help, for Rays of Hope Hospice in Jinja. If anyone knows anyone who works or volunteers for a hospice here, or had someone who was a patient of one and you know a contact, please let me know!

* CRAFT IDEAS - We are trying to come up with some ideas for new ways to use the paper beads for Nawezakana. If you have any creative ideas (and they could be combined with the sewing, too!) please let me know. I'm not super crafty, myself! We are looking at two lists - things that they could sell within Uganda, and then things that would do well internationally.

* SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP - If anyone is interested in sponsoring a child's school fees, we have a list of children needing help who are known personally to Emily and the staff at Ray of Hope. The costs differ with the particular school and grade, but the range is about 70,000 shillings to 225,000 shillings ($35-$110) three times a year. This would cover tuition, uniforms, lunch, and any supplies and books.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

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