Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/7/10 - Quiet time?!

If you're in a house with 19 other people, many of them under 11, there's not much quiet unless you get up before everyone else! The kids do know I have quiet time every morning, and they can be quiet... but they come sit right next to me and stare at or poke my Bible, my journal, or me. haha...

I slept 11 hours last night, and am glad for quiet Sundays. I think I am on the way back to health, but a day to do nothing is most welcome. Being the only driver is exhausting for Suzanne, and I generally go with her. It just takes so long to do anything, even the most ordinary of tasks, if you have to go in the car!

We are wanting to go down into Namuwongo (the slums) on Thursday when we visit Ray of Hope, but there is a nation-wide cholera warning due to the rains, so we'll see. Next week will be busy - we will be leaving for Jinja Tuesday and returning Wednesday, Ray of Hope Thursday, the market on Friday, and swimming with Nesco on Saturday or Sunday. Once the "big girls" are back to drive, we can get busy!

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