Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/18/10 - HOME!

By the time I went to bed Monday night, AT HOME, I'd been awake for 46 hours. In some ways that midnight flight is good, but boy does it make for a LOOOONG time to be up!

Now that I'm home and un-jet-lagged... to sum it up: Awesome! I know we didn't "do" as much as last time, because of the driving situation, largely. But Father's House has 13 Ugandan children, and we were able to spend a lot of time with them, time with Suzanne and Steph and Jess, and helping where we could. I cooked some, drove with Steph to the store a lot, tried to help out where I could. I felt like the Lord really used me to help Suzanne during Eric's unplanned trip to Ukraine, and the girls' unplanned trip to Rwanda. So maybe we didn't do so many "big" things... but we made a big difference, and really felt the pleasure of Father.

Our next trip will start in late July, and I will update the blog as I know what we will be taking - I do know we will take medical supplies, and, if we still have some after the Mumford's visit to the States in April/May, the clothing we have that you all have donated. As things progress, I'll let you know - we would love to have all of your participation! Thanks again for ALL your thoughts, prayers, and encouraging notes. We felt it all while we were gone!


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