Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/11/10 - HOT

Wow, since we got to Jinja on Tuesday it has been soooo hot and dry! I mean... hot. Even the Ugandans are talking about how hot it is. wow.

We visited Ray of Hope and got a list of six women who need assistance, and who have been faithful to Ray of Hope and Nawezakana for some time. We read through the stories -and obviously what you WANT to do it help them all - and decided to visit two of the women. We had Christine go with us to visit Mary down in Namuwongo, in the slums. We stayed for about a half hour in her home - she has 8 kids, including 3 1/2 year old twins who were absolutely adorable, up to a 20 year old son. After talking with her, and with several of the children, I decided that we would sponsor the 3 school-age boys who were not already sponsored elsewhere.

We were going to visit a second lady, but it was already 5pm by the time we left Mary's, and it is Vincent's birthday, so we needed to get back to Father's House. For now, we will add these 3 kids... and if Suzanne or Page can visit any of the others before I visit in August and report back after prayer, we'll expand that some. This makes 6 kids that Ten Eighteen is sponsoring, which is awesome!

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