Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/9/10 - Jinja!!

We discovered the bypass today, and cut a lot of traffic out of going through Kampala, which is always EXCELLENT! The bypass is nice, although why they put this nice new road in and made it 2 lanes is a mystery....

It is HOT in Jinja - I think hot in Kampala, too. We had lunch at a little place downtown called Ozzie's, owned by a wizened Australian lady, and it was excellent. Then to the Kingfisher Resort... which is waaayyyy out. Let's just say you aren't going to stumble on it! But it's very lovely, lush landscaping, and we have a half of a banda with two twin beds and a nice en suite bathroom. Very refreshing pool, and a cold Nile Gold beer complete the cooling off period!

We called Shem and arranged our visit at Hospice Jinja for the morning, and arranged for horseback riding for Zeke and Steph while we're there. Then we did an hour long boat trip up from the source of the Nile, and saw a lot of gorgeous birds, and had a whole troop of monkeys about 2' from our boat. That was awesome!

For dinner I was convinced to order "whole fried tilapia". And it was WHOLE fried tilapia - about a foot long, teeth, eyeballs, fins and all... It was delicious! Suzanne and I laid out on the ground and looked at the stars for a couple of hours, talking about God, Ray of Hope, Nesco, hospice, life... It was awesome! (Are the stars the same? Because I didn't think they would be, but I swear I saw Orion.)

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