Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/10/10 - Hospice!

What an awesome day! I was worried about the visit to the hospice, because I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd seem some pretty grim pictures... So we arranged for the kids to go horseback riding, and Suzanne and I went to the hospice. After a wrong turn or two, we pulled up - and discovered that the actual name is "Rays of Hope Hospice, Jinja". That was such a blessing and confirmation, esp given my worry.

We talked with Shem, the director, for awhile, and gave them the huge bag of medical supplies that we brought, as well as another large garbage bag full of adult sized clothing donated here in Raleigh. We were so impressed by their vision, clarity, dedication and compassion... It was really just amazing. We met all the staff (2 nurses, James the driver, and Shem, who is medical and administration) except for Joy, the office person; and also met an Australian nurse who had just arrived there to do some volunteer work - for a month, I think she said.

I gave them 600,000 shillings, which, Shem said, would pay for fuel for a month. Amazing! They were really blessed by it all - the economy around the world the last year has really hurt their funding, as they are almost exclusively funded by donations (they have been given an office space in a government area by the government, which is wonderful, but that's about it). Anyway... it was just so great... I continue to be amazed at the round-about way God connected me to them, and was even more so when I discovered that they had served Godfrey's mom - Godfrey is the founder of Arise Africa, which my church has been helping for several years. He is so far ahead of me!!

I will have more pictures from Shem soon - James documents everything with the camera!

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