Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/5/10 - Sick...

I have a cold... and feel pretty not great! I'm supposed to go to an African women's thing tomorrow night at the Serena with Suzanne... We'll see! (Note to self: Next time I need to remember to bring nice clothes!) Lillian is sick, too, so that leaves just Dora to cook and do laundry, not to mention kid-stuff.

Tova, Vicka and Page left last night for Rwanda, taking a midnight bus. They have no idea what to expect, but they were all very excited to go - can't wait to hear about it! The only problem is it leaves us with just Suzanne to drive all these people around... Steph has a learner's permit from the States, so can drive with me as far as Quality (the grocery) but not on the big roads. So until Monday evening, we'll be very busy just trying to get this household of 20 people fed and where they need to go. (Eric is in the Ukraine!)

The kids are all great, and Zeke loves having so many to hang out with. Mark is AMAZING - I can't get over how "grown up" he is, and FAT, compared to when he came up here from the city weighing 3 1/2 lbs. He is just too cute!!!

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