Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/12/10 - We did go to Oweno!

I forgot yesterday that we did go to Oweno to look for fabric. We didn't actually go INSIDE the market, which looks kind of like a hamster's Habi-Trail and extremely claustrophobic... But we held tightly to our bags, and trudged onward, finally finding both the chatingi fabric and some decently stiff plain colors that match.

Also found out that Eric is coming home Saturday night, so we will have to cancel our swim with Nesco... which is ok. With Drew, our main contact, in the States, it is a little more difficult. But we will get them the large bag of clothes and shoes as soon as possible, and Suzanne will reschedule the swim for their school break in August.

Today I went to the "real" market with Zeke and Page, and got a LOT of stuff for Ten Eighteen to be able to offer to donors: paper bead purses, bracelets, bone bracelets, etc. We also ended up with over 400 necklaces from Nawezakana, so it's awesome! I have gotten good at bargaining, as long as I'm buying in bulk... for personal gifts it's a little hard to say, "2,000 shillings ($1)?? What's the best you can do?!" I mean, it's a buck, right?! I am a disgrace to my Ugandan friends, but really... come on!

I am treating Suzanne to Emin Pasha tonight, Kampala's first (only?) "boutique" hotel. She goes there a lot for tea or lunch, and it is extremely lovely and relaxing. We didn't know when we planned this, back in October, that she would need it so much! But the Lord did, and He so wonderfully provided for us... We have a great time listening to the live "afro-fusion" band sitting on wonderful outdoor couches on the lawn. I can't believe we leave so soon!

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