Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/14/10 - over too soon!

Our flight is actually at 12:20am on the 15th... but we will be leaving for the airport around 9pm. I got up at 6am, so it is a LOOOONG day! With Eric back last night, and it being Sunday, it's a laid back, quiet day, with lots of movies (Thumbelina AGAIN - UGH!) and pancakes and bicycles and swimming. It's hard to be packed and know we're leaving, and yet not go. It's hard to fully engage, and yet be DISengaging... 4 months til the next visit seems long, and short, too. I'm really looking forward to seeing Chuck and being home - and now that we're packed and ready, I'd like to start. But I hate to leave, too... As before, I am leaving a huge piece of my heart!

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