Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/4/10 - Still no power!

It is possible that our entire trip will be powerless... Last time the transformer went out, it was 3 weeks before they fixed it. It's also very rainy, so kind of dark. But TIA (this is Africa!)!

Today we went down to Ray of Hope and talked with Emily for awhile while I went through one of two HUGE bags of beads. We got progress reports on Agnes's son, and on Miriam's daughters, who we have been sponsoring for school. We asked her to come up with a list of a few more women and/or children who might need help, so that we can discuss them and pray about them after our next meeting. They have been tossing around starting loans for the women, which I am not in favor of for a lot of reasons, so I will ponder possible solutions that don't require debt. (Some of the women are returning to making beer in order to pay school fees or rent, which we are trying to steer them away from - not from some moral issue with beer, but just because they can get into some unsavory situations when reliant on it.)

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