Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tick, tick, tick!

T minus 4 days and counting... We are spending our last Saturday (of the summer, really) in Beaufort, enjoying the water but also cleaning in preparation for closing the house for a month. Hard to believe the time is right on us!

Tuesday we are having a packing party - trying to figure out how to get all our stuff, camp stuff, requested stuff, and donated stuff into 13 bags weighing 50 lbs or less each. It will actually be the first time all 6 of us are together, and I'm hoping Ryan will give us a quick run down of the camp plan, so that the others can be praying about it, and preparing for our meetings next Saturday (our group) and Sunday (our group plus the Ugandan volunteers). We are really trusting the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us, as we will have 40 precious kids ages 6-15 who are eager to learn about Him, and basketball. We covet your prayers for strength, wisdom, and for us to have a clear rhema (timely) word from God during our devotions.

While the camp is the main focus on our trip, we will also be going down into Namuwongo (the slums) 2 of the afternoons after camp to distribute clothes to Ray of Hope families. This will be a shock for the 3 girls who haven't been before - it's always a shock to us, who have been many times! But it is also an amazing experience, and I know it will really impact the girls.

AND - we ARE doing fun stuff too!  We will be going to the National Theater and Friday markets, attending the fabulous Ndere Dance Troupe dinner theater, and going on a one night safari to Lake Mburo (which involves crossing the equator!). Not to mention swimming and hanging out with all the great people at Fathers House!

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!

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