Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Packing day!

Yesterday I went through about 2000 lb of clothes. OK, maybe not a literal ton, but definitely multiple hundreds!  We've had a lot of donations over the last year, and Zeke and I didn't take any extra bags when we went in the spring... which means lots and lots of clothes!

I also got 3 more basketballs, for a total of  16 now, and 5 frisbees. So today, when we pack, we will have to find the suitcases amidst mounds of things that are to go in them!

Ah yes, packing day! We are allowed 13 bags of 50 lb each, plus 2 carry ons apiece. Which means we will arrive in Uganda with 25 bags from very large to backpack size. haha! Here come the Americans!

One of our number, Erica, is SOOOO excited about the flying part of this trip. (Love you, Erica!) We have told her the flying part... well, sucks. But she is still excited about it. So here are some pictures in transit - you judge for yourself if it looks like fun!

In Amsterdam... having fun...
                                                                                                   Yep, this is fun!

                                         They look good because they've just started out... this is Uganda on the way home!

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