Thursday, July 28, 2011

A week!

We leave a week from today! So exciting! How can you help?

*  Donations for grants to women in the slums.

*  Donations of clothing and shoes.

*  Donation of funds for medical supplies (or of medical supplies).

*  Still need a working laptop!

*  Prayer!!

As I said, we've been taking this week to enjoy our families, but starting Sunday or Monday, the heat is on! We've got a 4 day camp for 40 kids to plan/finalize, 13 bags to pack, a bank run, a lot more shopping to do... I'm used to our regular trips to Uganda, and can get everything together quickly. But this is a whole new ballgame!

We appreciate all your support! Please pray for us Aug 4-15 (Ryan, Amanda, Erica and Catie), and Aug 4-26 (me and Zeke), esp for easy travel, manageable jet lag for the 3 not used to such big time zone changes, and no illness while there.

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