Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 weeks!

Holy cow, we leave in 3 weeks!  Much progress has been made, but being our first team trip and camp, there are a whole lot more details than usual. Praying for clarity!

I have ordered the 58 camp tee shirts, 10 basketballs, and 6 volleyballs (for Vicka, not for the camp). I've verified that we cannot get an extra baggage allowance from Delta, so we will have 13 bags of 50 lb each to work with. Our transportation during the trip is all confirmed, we have 36 kids signed up (room for 4 more), the catering handled, and our Ugandan friends are joining the fray. The Youth Sharing Center is reserved. Our visas have been processed and received. Packing lists have been sent out. Prescriptions dropped off at the pharmacy. And I'm sure there's a whole lot more to do!

In addition to the camp, Zeke and I will be going out with the hospice team in Jinja one day, and spending 2 days at the orphanage at Arise Africa. We will also be going down into the slums of Namuwongo to talk to the ladies we have grants to last visit, see how they're doing, and see if there are other needs we can meet. The kids will be on school holiday, so I'm hoping to see and talk to some of the 20 kids we are sponsoring for school fees.

The camp supplies (tee shirts, balls, etc) and medical supplies are expensive, and we'd love to have your help with a donation to offset costs. We also covet your prayers, as this trip (the first half anyway!) will involve a lot of logistics in a country with horrible traffic and a... relaxed sense of time. Thanks for all your donations of clothing, and your support so far!

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