Tuesday, July 26, 2011

9 days and counting down...

Picture caption: this picture is taken in front of what is considered a "nice" school (that wooden building behind the kids) outside of Jinja, near Bujagali Falls. The ATV adventure company we rode with is sponsoring the school and updating it, adding a play ground, and generally helping the community. These kids are students there.

Wow, this summer has flown by! We leave in 9 days, and have a LOT to do before then. We will be packing our 13 bags on Tuesday afternoon as a group, so we can spread the weight around and bring all we can of the donated items. I've still got some shopping to do to fulfill some of the requests from friends in Uganda, as well as important things like getting the cash from the bank (you can only exchange hundred dollar bills, 2006 or newer, with no marks, folds or tears... so it's a pain!).

The members of the team seem to be having their "last hurrahs" this week, with 4 of us out of town on vacation with families. Since the 4 college-age girls all have to start real life back up as soon as they return home, it's nice to get that last fun time in.

We have the final details on the camp:
40 kids:  10 ages 6-9 (5 each girls and boys), and 30 ages 10-15 (also evenly split)
8 local volunteers
2 translators
6 Americans
13 basketballs
58 tee shirts
20 pennies
2 face painting kits
75' of mural paper
dozens of markers (for the mural)

Ryan's planning the camp, and devotions and other activities. Nesco is ready for lunch 4 days straight, with  56 people each day. We've figured out how to have enough safe water for everyone.

So I think we're getting there! Come next Thursday afternoon, whatever we don't have is not going! This is expensive - it's costing Ten Eighteen about $3500 to put on the camp, so we'd love to have your help in funding it. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!

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