Saturday, July 16, 2011

So much stuff!

Wow, we have a lot of stuff to take to Uganda already, and the collection process hasn't gotten into full swing yet. We have received the basketballs and volleyballs, most of the 58 tee shirts, and the mesh bag and ball pumps. We have all kinds of arts and crafts stuff for face painting and for the kids to do a 75' mural during the camp. The donated clothes continue to come in. Taking some meds and clothes for Fathers House, and will be getting a lot of bandages and other medical supplies. Oh - and our OWN stuff!

We are under 3 weeks at this point, and I'm starting to get very excited! 4 of the kids going have been working at New Life Camp until yesterday, so now they have some time off. One had surgery yesterday, so we are praying for her quick healing. We'll be doing some travel to the coast in the next couple of weeks to spend time as a family, so I'm trying to get all my to-do's done here and not be distracted there.

I had 2 opportunities to see God at work yesterday, and both came about because of a very simple thing: when I heard God speak, I obeyed. Now, I don't deserve or want ANY credit for that... No more than I want credit for breathing. We should be listening and obeying, all the time, just as naturally as breathing. While God doesn't owe us any explanation, it is really amazing when we get to see a seed planted or a person set free. Keep you ears and heart open - you never know what will happen!

Note - in the photo above, the boy is chewing on leaves. Notice that his stomach is distended with malnutrition... When they are hungry, they chew on leaves or, if they have a few shillings, sugar cane, which keeps hunger pangs at bay but doesn't provide any nutrition.

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