Saturday, September 26, 2009

9/9/09 - what a cool date!

LONDON! The flight was full, so no stretching out for sleep on the red-eye. Zeke slept 3 1/2 hrs or so, me maybe a half hour. We arrived in London at 6am, and were met by a very British driver, who kindly took our luggage, piled us into a Mercedes, and whisked us (relatively speaking, given London traffic) to the hotel. We were fortunately able to check in early, and went off to explore. We walked through Green Park to Buckingham Palace, where we discovered it was actually open for tours. Of course we did that - wow!

After the tour we walked over Westminster Bridge, by Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the Houses of Parliament, to go on the Eye of London. After a NOT good lunch, we rode the Eye, basically a HUGE roller coaster with observation pods in which you can walk around and see much of the city. We took a cab back and crashed, then had a good, if slow dinner.

London is 5 hours ahead... but with the lack of sleep, we both slept very well!

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