Saturday, September 26, 2009

9/10/09 - London, then onwards!

What an amazing city! We ventured out to the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace - what a zoo! There were thousands of people, an hour or more ahead of time, with bobbies and mounted police trying to direct everyone. When the various groups of guards came through, we caught glimpses only - mostly we put the cameras up overhead and snapped! But it was still a fun experience... at least we can say we did it.

We once again walked to Westminster Bridge and bought boat tickets to go up the Thames to the Tower of London. It was a fairly short ride, but the guide was quite funny, and we saw a number of sites. Unfortunately we only had an hour at the Tower, which was way too short. They had an exhibition of Henry VIII's armory, which was fascinating, not to mention the permanent exhibits and tours of the site. We flew through quickly, grabbed a cab driven by a tall-tale-bearing Cockney driver, and were dropped at the hotel with 20 min to pack and check out. They held our bags while we went to get something to eat and walk St. James Park again - LOVELY park. Our very-British driver was back at 6pm, although the whisking to the airport was considerably slower thanks to rush hour!

Our flight was at 9:15pm on British Airways - we were pleased with the on-demand video screens for each seat, not so pleased that it was yet another full flight. Neither of us slept at all... But so far so good on nice, easy, calm flights!

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