Saturday, September 26, 2009

9/13/09 - Sunday and the driving is easy

Being from the States, I am under the (false) impression that traffic is easy because it's Sunday. As I found out the following week - NOT SO... but we enjoy the bonus, for sure!

This morning baby Mark was actually crying, the first since he came to Father's House. It is so great that he actually has enough energy to cry... he is also starting to move his arms a little. Up til now he has been very much "newborn" in his small movements. Other than his big eyes, which are very alert and not "newborn", he seems like a preemie. Holding him, changing him and seeing his tiny body with NO extra flesh, staggers the mind and heart.

Suzanne and I spent time today talking about Ten Eighteen, Ray of Hope, and starting to "vision cast" for the week. Tomorrow we will go to Ray of Hope for a meeting with Emily, who runs the organization, and give her the Lady of Lourdes items as well as the money from the necklaces. Tuesday we will go tour the slums and let Father lead us as to who and how to help more specifically. I am excited, but also anxious because I know the need will be staggering.

I feel pretty much normal as far as jet lag goes, and am used to the no-power situation. It's actually nice to be unplugged... we in the US are so ON all the time, and really, it's exhausting! I did a watercolor today of the view of the lake, and enjoyed talking with all the kids and getting to know everyone.

Today is also Magda's last day before heading to Kaihura in the west of the country to spend a year at an orphanage. She will have no electricity, no running water... a very primitive existence. And she is thrilled to go! Can't wait to see and hear all that the Lord does there!

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