Saturday, September 26, 2009

9/20/09 Camp Reunion Picnic and goodbyes

Great day! Everyone pitched in in the morning, making sandwiches, peeling veggies, cutting buns, getting supplies together. We piled into 3 vehicles and headed down to Entebbe to the Botanical Gardens. Shortly 2 buses arrived, one from Ray of Hope and one from Nesco, bringing the kids that had attended the week-long camp at Father's House in August for a reunion picnic. The kids had a BLAST, playing volleyball and soccer, jumping rope, face painting, swimming in Lake Victoria. The children get few outings, esp the Nesco kids, and they spent the 4 hours in fun and excitement. It was awesome!

Nesco is a home for street children, founded by two now-adult street kids. Thirty children live there, very frugally, but they are happy and well cared for. It is cemented in my heart to help these kids... But Drew is leaving for the States this week, and I leave early in the morning tomorrow. We will pray and talk with Suzanne in the meanwhile!

Back at Father's House, the kids swim in the pool, have a dance-off, and generally enjoy much hoopla! They all agree to stay up til 2:30am as a goodbye to Zeke - we are all sad at parting. Oh, how Father has joined all of our hearts. Very bittersweet to leave - we miss Chuck/Dad, real food, less traffic, and sleep. But we so love Father's House and Uganda.

We'll be back soon!

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