Saturday, September 26, 2009

9/18/09 Scary driving, back to the city

We did a morning game walk for two hours, which was great. Samuel, who was our guide for all the game excursions with his handy AK-47, took us on a walk-about through the bush. No paths for us! We went up another beautiful hill, from where we could see all kinds of animals. They won't get as close to you on foot as they will in the car, but we did see many, and actually heard a leopard in a stand of bush/trees. Samuel chambered a round - a good adrenaline rush, there! We saw hippo tracks about a mile from the Lake - that's a long way for a 3000 lb animal!

We left Mantana at about 1:30, and had the ride of our lives. The traffic was MUCH heavier than on the way, and - remember the no-traffic-rules situation - mostly I had to look down and not out the windshield! We would be going 120 km/hr, passing another car on a 1 1/2 lane road, with a huge bus or semi fast approaching in the other lane, bodas on the sides, 2 year old naked children wandering around, and animals all over the place. It took us 5 hours to get to Kampala, another TWO hours to just get through the city and to Father's House. I was totally stressed and went to bed EARLY. Then the imam at the mosque down the hill decided to chant for a half hour, and the disco kicked in! wow.

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