Saturday, September 26, 2009

9/11/09 - RIOTS!

As we landed in Kampala, our pilot informed us that there had been riots and looting in Kampala since the previous afternoon. Welcome to Uganda! Suzanne and Stephanie picked us up at the airport (Stephanie in her PJs due to the early hour!), and we got our first experience of driving in Uganda. It was actually tame, as it turned out later... My favorite site on this early morning trek: a sign at a shack that said "this property NOT for sale." okey dokey.

We arrived at Father's House after the exciting 10 minute dirt-road-with-ruts-that-crack-your-teeth journey. The house is LOVELY, up on the mountain with views of Lake Victoria on one side, and Kampala on the other. I am so tired I feel like I'm on a boat, with things moving even when I'm sitting still. There is no power - it will be out for 3 days - and we decide not to go into town due to the unstable situation there. In Mengo, an area of town dominated by the Lugandan tribe, they have burned a police station to the ground. 18 people are killed and over 100 injured from Thursday through Saturday. A good day to nap and recover from jet lag!

We begin to meet the wonderful kids at Father's House - Bosco and Rick, the two teen boys; Jenneth, Karen, Jacklyn, Vincent and Daniel; the little ones, Eva, Moses and Savannah. We get reaquainted with the Mumford girls, Jessica and Stephanie. We meet the 3 Polish girls staying there, Mirka, Kamila and Magda. Meet the two lovely young ladies who help, Lillian and Jacquie. Katie and her 3 month old daughter Malyka. And finally the oldest daughter, Vicka, and a missionary from Tennessee, Page, come in from Nomowongo (the slums). It took a little while for all the names to sink in!

Father's House has no glass in the windows, just screens, so there are lovely breezes most of the time. In the evening and morning it can be quite cool, and it is always much cooler there than even 2 minutes downhill. Water is from cisterns. They have an inverter and a generator, so we can charge small electronics, and the tv will run to play movies. Cooking on the gas stove allows nice hot meals even without power, and I get a good cell signal. Life is good!

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