Saturday, August 27, 2011

Home, but missing Uganda!

After 32 hours of travel, and being awake 46+, we got home. Thankfully it was yesterday - if we'd traveled today, we'd be stuck in Detroit! After our non-scheduled adventures (like the stay at the hospital!), we were pretty ready to be back...

Zeke's room at IHK - his mosquito net was more like a farm - more inside than out!

I really hate that I didn't get out with the hospice in Jinja, and to the babies home in Bukaleba. Thank you all for your donations of clothing and toys - rest assured they all got to their intended recipients, as I was in Jinja for about 4 hours, and had taken all the donations with me. Everyone was so excited and grateful!

Rosemary - last trip, as I didn't have my camera at the tea!

I got updates on all our previous grant recipients in Namuwongo, and all the ladies are doing very well! I got to visit with a couple of them at our tea.

One, Rosemary, had opened a stand at the Oweno market, and had her money stolen. Since then, Oweno has burned down... So I gave her another 300,000 shilling grant to begin again. She had been doing well, and, as she has HIV/AIDS, she needs to be able to have a booth where she can work rather than trying to hawk her clothes up and down the street.

Angela (last trip, March 2011)

Angela is selling beans, and has been able to pay her food and rent, as well as save some money! She looked great (she came to the tea in a formal gown!), and is very happy.

Nulu, our business woman of the group, is still growing her produce stand. I didn't see her, as she had a baby week before last, as well as having a sick child at home.

We also spoke to Miriam at the tea. Ten Eighteen pays school fees for her daughters. She is from The Congo, and 4 of her relatives were killed recently by the rebels (Joseph Kony's LRA mob). But she is doing very well, up to 60 kilos from 42, and doing great on ARVs (anti-retrovirals for HIV/AIDS). Her dress making business is thriving, and she wore a beautiful dress she'd made. Next trip, I'm having her make me one!

Ryan with Harriet, one of our new recipients of school fees

Thanks for all your prayers and support! Please consider donating, especially for child sponsorships for school fees. We picked up 15 new kids, for a total of 35 in Kampala... We need your help!

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