Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heading home today - with some big ideas!

Our internet here has been spotty this trip, as has the power. I probably could have updated a few times, but once it's on, the couple of areas the signal reaches gets swamped with people trying to check their email and Facebook, and so it becomes slow. I will do a complete update when I get home!

We had a great camp, and were at least able to deliver our donations to Arise Africa and Hospice Jinja. Most of you know our visit to Jinja was cut short (it was, in fact, 3 1/2 hours long!) because of Zeke's admission to IHK for pneumonia. He spent 3 nights there, and fortunately the private rooms have another bed for family, so we didn't leave from Tues night til Friday afternoon!

I had the great privilege of attending a gathering of about 20 of the regular ladies from Ray of Hope, and sharing tea and cookies and testimonies with them. It was really moving, and the strength of the women was palpable. It is amazing and humbling to see how so seemingly little help has made such a huge difference in their lives.

We are traveling home, starting at 8pm tonight, and will arrive in Raleigh at 7:20pm EDT, Lord willing and Hurricane Irene allowing... I really don't want to be stuck in Detroit, of all places!  So prayers are welcome!

Couple of projects we're going to pursue when we get home:

PROJECT FRIENDSHIP:  We made and distributed 53 friendship bracelets at the basketball camp, and they had a big impact on the kids. We would like to solicit donations of bracelets from you all - we will have them at our events for Americans, and we will bring them next time we visit Uganda. More to come!

THE "A-THONS": We are going to try to organize a couple of "a-thons" at local schools to raise money for the primary school in Bukaleba. Not sure what - walking, dancing, etc. - as we are in the research phase. If any of you have helped in one of these, we welcome your input!

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! This has been an unusual trip, but we know God has been in control and in charge, and are thankful for all He's done.

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