Monday, November 16, 2009

Time flies!

Wow, I haven't posted in a week! I have a new assistant, Laura, which is awesome, and I've been training her. Also trying to get used to "standard time" - it is dark by 5:30, and makes me very tired!

Zeke and I got our tickets last week for March. We will be going March 1-15. I found a new itinerary that will be tough on us physically, but, since we can't sleep on the plane anyway, it gets us there and home in the quickest time. Amazingly, we leave and get home on the same day (because we leave Entebbe at 12:35am, but that's ok!). So we will have full days the 3rd-15th!

I got my confirmation on the Sanderson High Holly Fest Dec 5-6. I will be setting up on Friday the 4th. A British Airways pilot is bringing a bag of goodies with him to the UK, and shipping it to me from there, so I should have enough for the weekend! And it's always so fun to get a box of stuff!

Page will be taking a suitcase of clothing back early next month for Ray of Hope and Nesco - we'll be shipping that out this week!

So that's the update. November is quiet as we get ready for Thanksgiving, Ryan being home for a good visit, and preparing for Holly Fest. Thank you all for your prayers - and patience! - as we keep looking ahead!

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