Friday, November 6, 2009

Fa La La La La....

As I was signing in to post, I realized I was humming along to a Christmas carol on tv. Really?? It's Nov 6! *sigh* Anyway...

Tomorrow I will be heading up to Youngsville (which, I am reliably told, is "not that far"...) to share the jewelry and story of Newezekana, Father's House, Nesco, Malaika's House and Uganda with the great families of Lighthouse homeschool group. I'm excited!! I LOVE sharing my heart for Uganda, and love just expecting nothing and waiting to see what Father will do. As Gandalf says, "All tears are not evil."

My doctor asked me last week, "What is the problem with Africa? Why are they always having such horrific things go on?" I don't know... it seems that the continent certainly grows it's fair share of tyrants and crazies. The stories are the same, only the countries change. And then the country names change... and the stories are still the same. I did some research on the history of Uganda for my presentation at FZWC, and the horrors they have endured since WWII - Idi Amin being the worst, of course, but not the only - are despicable. And yet it's happening now in The Congo, in Rwanda, Sudan, Ethiopia... All over Africa. It just moves from place to place. Please keep the people of this beautiful and yet sad continent in your prayers - I pray that you will feel Father's sorrow and pain over the choices His creation has made - and continues to make.

Thank you for everything!

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