Monday, November 2, 2009

A lot going on this week!

Big week for Ten Eighteen! Prayers are greatly appreciated... :o)

* Faith Zone Worship Center: I have been working on my presentation for FZWC on Wed night. This will be my longest formal presentation on Uganda and all that's going on there, so I'm working on some history of the country (how it got in the mess it's in), history of Ten Eighteen and the Lord's hand in it, and what we are currently working on. I am meeting the media guy down there at 2pm today to make sure we can show my Powerpoint slideshow at the beginning (having a Mac is great, but can have issues!).

* Lighthouse: On the 7th, I will be in Youngsville for a Lighthouse Homeschool Group meeting. I think this is for teens, and I'm hoping for the opportunity to share our travels, our mission, our sponsorship opportunities, and the beautiful jewelry of Newezekana with them.

* Work on the benefit concert and silent auction: Pastor Jimmy gave the thumbs up to hold this at Journey Church in Feb, so I'm hoping to have a date by the end of the week. Working on the musical entertainment, and planning the auction. I will be calling on some of you wonderful people for help, so stay tuned! I'm really excited about this project!!!

* Also working on a venue at Appalachian for some pre-Christmas donations for jewelry. Ryan had some ideas, so we'll keep the site updated on that.

* Finally, I should be receiving my box of new stuff from Uganda in the next couple of days. It'll be like an early Christmas!! I'll be posting some pictures (reminds me, I'm working on a more professional set up to take photos of the items, so those will go up as soon as I can get them!). I should get another shipment by the end of November, as well, in time for the Holly Fest at Sanderson High School the first weekend of December.

So WOW! Thanks for all your prayers - God is definitely blessing your efforts and prayers, and I am beyond grateful!

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