Sunday, November 13, 2011

Opportunities to give

It is a fact of life that our tax burden often dictates our end of the year behavior. I'd like to say it's Christmas joy, but in difficult times like these... it's more often Uncle Sam that nudges us over the edge. But anything that encourages you to give works for me, and I'm a firm believer that God will use your generosity to plant even more seeds of generosity in you, and that's a "vicious cycle" I can live with!

So here's what you can do between now and December 31:

Nov 19, Mistletoe Market at Wakefield High School

Arrange an "open house" visit

Arrange a home party

Just write a check!

We really need your help. The economy in Uganda is rife with inflation - over 40% in 2011 alone. Especially while the dollar is quite strong, help us get funds to our partners.  Your $100 donation would have brought 200,000 shillings in 2010. Right now, that same donation will be exchanged for 283,500 shillings. Since the combined total of the rent for the two elderly widows we support is 85,000 shillings a month, you can see that the strong dollar can really help us help them right now.

We are also slowly building the primary school. Building supplies have gone way up, but again, your donation will go almost 1/3 farther than before. Now is the time to help!

People are really hurting. I know you feel less well-off than you did a year ago. But even with a small donation you can make a big difference. Please help us help them...

Help them eat.
Help them have a home.
Help them have shoes.
Help them go to school.
Help them get medicine.
Help them help the dying.

For us, it's rarely a matter of life and death. For them, it almost always is.

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