Saturday, September 18, 2010

The view from the couch... (not much!)

I have been, for the last two weeks, spending hours on my sofa due to a bad back. As lovely as the sofa is, and as helpful as it has been for my back, I am frustrated with the mental and physical "do nothing-ness" of my life at the moment. Pain and inactivity make one extremely tired, and it is hard for me to do any more than the minimum required of me. I keep thinking "I'm not doing enough!" "I'm not raising all this money!" 

And then, in my morning quiet time, I always come back to this: God has given me all the vision for all His projects in Uganda. Literally NOTHING I'm doing there was my idea!  (When I tell people I have no idea what I'll be doing in Uganda on any given trip, they are shocked to discover that it's true...!) Which means that anything I do, as long as I'm listening to Him, will be what He is after. My American self feels like active, doing-something-all-the-time fundraising is what's required. But God has the money, right now. He's just waiting for the time to release the donor(s). And I really don't need to stress... Really!

My thoughts are always with my loved ones in Africa, and my heart is always profoundly grateful for my friends and family here who lift Ten Eighteen and our Ugandan friends up in prayer, and support us with donations. We were able to wire $7,000 to Arise Africa this week to break ground on the primary school, which is awesome, and also sent $1,200 to the hospice for their community day cares for the rest of 2010. God is so faithful! 

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