Sunday, September 12, 2010

Updated website - with "DONATE NOW!"

One family, 5 sponsorships!

I am not a technical genius... and not totally in love with my web design and hosting company. But it is very affordable, and I have finally gotten the hang of their "improvements."  So now... drum roll!... we have a totally updated website, with a photo album page (check out the montage to the right) and also an online store where you can donate NOW via Paypal to sponsor a child, build a school, or help the hospice.  Please check it out and give me your feedback - I want it easy to use!

I had a wonderful opportunity to share what we've been doing in Uganda with my friend Rita this morning - we both shed not a few tears!  It is hard when you are caught up in 1st world busy-ness, and Uganda seems so far away... But it is always in my mind and heart, and sharing with others what life's like there, what the needs are, and how they can help just makes me so so excited!  (So if I can share with YOUR group or family, just let me know!)

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