Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's 2012 - are you sponsoring a child this year?

Ten Eighteen sponsors several dozen children, and we need your help! School fees have gone up this year (their school year is Jan-Dec) because of the incredible level of inflation in 2011. We are committed to continuing our support of the kids we've been able to help - but we really need YOUR help to do it. Won't you consider sending a child to school this year?

For the cost of 2 pizzas a month, you can sponsor a child.
For the cost of 3 movie tickets, you can sponsor a child.
For less than the cost of one tank of gas, you can sponsor a child.

Child sponsorship with Ten Eighteen isn't just about paying a little bit and an unknown child goes to school. We know these kids. All of them. And many of them get one meal a day - the one they get because they're in school. Your sponsorship isn't just about education, although that is vital for these children to be able to get out of the slums... It's really, honestly, about their life.

Life in Uganda. My descriptions are not melodramatic... because they're true. And you can, literally, save a child's life. Ensure a child's future. And show God's love.

Won't you help? They really, really need you.

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