Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 trip is booked!

With only one trip on the horizon for 2012, I'm happy to have it booked. This will be my longest interval, and it's good to know we'll be back on the lovely red Ugandan soil on May 6. It looks to be a different trip, but I'm resisting the urge to plan too much - the Lord always, always directs my steps once we're there, and other than logistical necessities, I do much better to leave day to day stuff to Him.

I do know we'll spend several days in Jinja before leaving, and since my trip there was unfortunately aborted last trip due to Zeke's hospitalization, I'm extra excited to spend time there. We're planning to spend a night out at the orphanage in Bukaleba, and I'm just so excited to spend good quality time with the kids out there. And the guest house is so lovely... AH! Very excited!

So please pray for our trip, for me to not over-organize, and for all our steps to be ordered. And for no one to get sick! We so appreciate your support and prayers, always.

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